Light of Hope (1st book of the trilogy)

(Vikki Nelson’s ex-husband) :

…”After the divorce, Vikki had gone into a deep depression. Remembering this lonely time was more than she could bear. “No, I have moved beyond this. I have the strength to start a new life without him. He does not have the power over me anymore to control my every move,” Vikki demanded. But there was a time when her every move was watched. Like a prisoner, a prisoner without any hope of escape from a man who loved her as a possession. She was a trophy that he presented publicly. That was just it, no one could understand why she was so unhappy. To other people, Raymond was so charismatic and loving toward her. No one else knew the dark side of his character. Vikki knew all too well the type of man that Ray was. Good looking, yes, tall, about six feet, five inches, and he had medium-brown curly hair. That was what first attracted her to him his stature and dark features.

In the beginning, the relationship meant everything to her. Like a fix for a drug addict—it was just what she needed. Vikki was very young at the time. Raymond was her first love. At least at that time she thought of it as love. During their courtship, Vikki had overlooked subtle signs of his true demeanor. Growing up in a family without the love of her father, Vikki took this relationship as a replacement for all of the loss she had felt as a young child. It was this abandonment that drove Vikki into the arms of another self-centered man, like her real biological father.

Of course, the sex was good. It always is when you are with a fantasy figure. You see, Ray was a thrill seeker and “bad boy” type. Vikki was attracted to the dangerous side of his personality. Ray sought out danger. One of his hobbies was racing stock cars. He loved to drive fast. This often scared Vikki; however, Ray never was involved in a car accident. His reflexes were very keen. He knew when to shift lanes to avoid collisions. Just as he could shift lanes, his temperament also tended to change with the wind. When he was happy, oh, the relationship was truly exhilarating. Vikki did not want to let herself remember the good times they shared. Mr. Cuccio, in some ways, reminded her of Raymond. This was intriguing for Vikki, especially since she had not been with a man for quite some time. Oh, my, had it been that long? It was about two years since she had intercourse. The last time was with a man she had met in a bar. He was a nice guy, but she compared the sex to what she had with Ray. Ray had a way of taking Vikki to a place where all of her thoughts of her father would disappear. He would wrap his arms around her and carry her back to the bedroom. Next, he would slowly undress her. Each button on her blouse was unbuttoned with his teeth…

(Vikki Nelson’s boss ) :

…”Vikki, a little caught off guard, had to blink her eyes a few times just to make sure her eyes were seeing who she had hoped would be there to offer her this welcomed distraction. Immediately she thought she must look utterly exhausted and tried to straighten her blouse by pulling it down across her shapely hips as she stood to show him that she needed to stretch her legs from sitting there for so many hours. “I feel like my foot has fallen asleep from having my legs crossed for so long,” she explained while she faltered toward him to catch her balance by reaching for the corner of her desk.

Robert rushed to her side and grasped her shoulders so as to steady her stride. They both arose and looked straight into one another’s eyes. Vikki’s hands moved toward Robert and landed upon his muscular torso. Obviously, he knew how beneficial it was to stay fit and active. Spontaneously, he responded to her overture by pulling her closer. Vikki had played and replayed his sexual advances repeatedly in her past daydreams; however, they paled in comparison to the emerging infatuation that had enveloped her entire body.

Her heart was racing with desire, and nothing could stop this rush of passion flowing into her pouting lips that hesitated before they softly met his teasingly to arouse his own yearning. Robert followed her lead by forcefully kissing her back. This kiss was unlike any she had ever reciprocated. With each new kiss came another with even more fervor than the first”…